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Bronwen Key

The real journey consists of not in discovering new landscapes, but in having new eyes. As an international award-winning photographer, Bronwen has enjoyed many years of creating and providing her work on different mediums for the corporate offices, hotels, commissioned work for private homes and for the retail sector throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.  After winning numerous awards for her work, including top places in the largest botanical photography competition in the world several years running along with other medals and certificates, she expanded her portfolio to include scenic and still life imagery.

After a few years of developing her new portfolio she developed a pretty de-abilitating form of epilepsy and with weeks at a time of regular seizures removed her ability to drive and as a result limited her freedom to roam at will with a camera creating imagery for her business.  She was faced with two options, continue to try and compete with all the other photographers in NZ but with limited mobility to get to the places she wanted to…. or change.  Be different.  

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