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Coral Noel Yang Art

Coral Noel Yang is a multidisciplinary contemporary painter based in Auckland, New Zealand. With a background in visual design and storytelling as a filmmaker director, she brings a unique perspective to her expressive abstract paintings, utilising oil and acrylic. Blending the Soak-Stain method with Asian water-ink tradition, her paintings are rich in colour, depth, layering, luminance and water marks. 

Coral is a believer in the kinaesthetic experience and the visceral expression in the painting process, inviting her audience to experience in her art a sense of time and space, wonder and belonging. Her works draw inspiration from her living and working across the US, Europe and Asia, Aotearoa’s natural beauty and her rich heritage of Chinese and Japanese cultures. Her art has been collected locally and internationally. Her solo art shows include Follow the Bliss 2021, Forgotten Origin 2022, Unfurling 2023, and Dream Capsule 2024.

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