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Hokitika Gorge Artists

Glynn Berland and Sarah Godfrey are two talented artists who first met at Dunedin School of Art where they were studying for their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. While Glynn majored in sculpture, Sarah was passionate about painting. After spending many years in Dunedin, Sarah convinced Glynn to move to the West Coast of the South Island, where they have been living on Sarah's parents' farm in Hokitika Gorge with their son Eli for the past decade.

Glynn is a professional artist who uses his advanced computer skills to create complex wall art sculptures from old and damaged 33rpm vinyl records. He is currently experimenting with combining wood and vinyl in his work. Glynn's art is inspired by his romantic view of the retro music scene as well as his minimalist approach, which is influenced by the Bauhaus movement. He will be showcasing his latest works at the Christchurch Art Show.

Sarah divides her time between farming and painting. She is passionate about the South Island's natural landscapes and finds solace in painting with acrylics. For Sarah, painting is a way to process her emotions and find calmness amidst her busy life. Her work is focused on colour, form, and layering rather than creating realistic scenes.

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