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Judith Le Harivel

I have always loved making things and natural and organic forms influence my work. Recently, I have been exploring in glass the human form and the interface between humans and the rest of the animate world. Humans as dominant species tend to regard the natural world as something to control or use. 

But I’m inspired by the idea of the Earth as a single living system, in which all things in the natural world have agency. I have developed this concept of agency in a series of artworks based around the ancient personification of nature as spirits. I don’t expect to find a dryad in my garden but as Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli stated “I am much more attracted to the idea of preserving the forests, not for the sake of humans, but because they themselves are alive”.

I work from a small home studio on the Kapiti Coast and have been making glass for around 8 years.

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