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Liam Downes

Life is about the moment. We are free to express ourselves. Making our mark helps us to find our place within the moment. The trick is to stay there.

Liam graduate of Camberwell College of Art in the UK. In 2001 he packed his paint brush and moved to New Zealand, wasting no time creating and exhibiting works across Auckland. Liam continues to find inspiration around most corners of New Zealand. Auckland soon became his spiritual home; ‘The clash of mother nature and feats of man-made engineering - Rangitoto sleeps as the Sky Tower looms.' Liam's commentary through opposing land and city scapes dominate; figure painting 'just for the love of it' and throw in the odd statement for good measure. He draws some influence from a background in graphics and typography, generally embracing the battle between structure and abandon.

Liam enjoyed his first 3 years on the idyllic island of Waiheke before experiencing city life under the imposing watch of the Sky Tower. He escaped its clutches and now surrounds himself with giant kauri in his idyllic garden studio in Laingholm, nr Titirangi - and he 'wouldn't swap it for the world.’

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