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Ahumairangi (Whirlwind)

Kia Ora,

Ko Maraea Henare toku ingoa

My name is Maraea Henare and I a Maori artist with a peculiar creative twist and flair.

I create pieces from all sizes from 10cm (h) x 10cm (w) to 1.5m (h) x 1m (w) ranging from canvas art to printmaking in both a natural setting or within two studios I work between that are home based in Auckland.

My inspiration for creating art in different forms and ranges comes from my dual cultural identity of Maori and Croatian.

I enjoy experimenting to merge both contemporary yet modern and edgy art with traditional practise and ideologies.

My pieces drawn from within, are envisioned for you to use all your senses to embrace the full beauty and diversity of my art.

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