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Mike White Photography

Mike White is an Astro and Landscape photographer based in Canterbury. Formerly an airline pilot, Mike has always enjoyed New Zealand’s stunning scenery. Now, he loves exploring New Zealand’s night skies and natural landscapes through his camera and can often be found chasing the elusive Southern Lights and enjoying the clarity of the dark night skies above. Mike feels that photography is a positive way to engage with the natural world around us and finds it incredibly satisfying when all the elements come together to create a unique and stunning photograph. 

Mike’s goal as a photographer is to make photographs that are authentic representations of a scene that invite you to feel as if you were standing right alongside Mike, immersed in the environment being captured. Each stage of the photographic process, from an initial concept through to crafting the final print, is managed carefully by Mike. 

Mike also offers small group workshops to share and teach others about how to capture their own amazing images of the night sky. 

Mike is an NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographer with the distinction of NZIPP Associate of Photography and is also holds an Associate distinction with the Photographic Society of NZ. 

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