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Nancy Tschetner Artist

'For me, creating something beautiful isn't enough, I believe that true art is about creating connections. So I create pieces that help people transform their relationships with nature, themselves, and even their own memories. 

My work exists to help people who are looking for pieces of art that come to life, both through its story and through its medium. It's impossible to appreciate art in a hurry. So by its very existence, what I do helps create space for mindfulness. And even though every piece of work is unique and beautiful, what I see myself ultimately doing is helping people create a reason to pause, reflect and remember. So every day when I begin my work, I do so with the intention to remind people to slow down and remember what’s really important in life. I see my work as a small but significant part of the healing process that takes place when we reconnect with ourselves, with nature and with each other.' 

“Nature and art, are my stimulus and motivation for what I create and who I am today” – Nancy Tschetner 

Over the last 20 years, Nancy Tschetner has developed an eccentric style & presentation of art. The majority of her artwork is created solely with the natural shades of sand. “Gradually, each grain becomes part of a larger image represented in my artwork. I liken this to us, when we come together, the strength we can achieve and visions that can be created.” Nancy constantly pushes her boundaries to create the perfect illusion of natural materials and their 3-dimensional depth and textures. With the color variations of the sand, she can capture the distinctive attributes of that special being and the fleeting magic of a certain place or treasured memory. The sparkly texture of the sand brings any subject to life. Some of Nancy’s pieces incorporate mixed media, like crushed glass and gold leaf to highlight certain details and colors not available through sand alone. Her main subject matter is nature. “I like to remind people of the importance of our relationship to Mother Nature and our roots.” Art is a great language and vehicle to deliver messages. 

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