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Redgie Walker-Small | Soul Wise Tattoo

Redgie is a New Zealand-based Moko Practitioner & Artist based in his private Studio in Kaiapoi, Te Waka a Maui . 

Redgie is of Kahui Maui, Te Āti Awa, Ngati Rārua ki te Tau Ihu, Ngāti Toa a Rangatira and Te Iwi o Pāke'ā, and his work reflects his unique cultural background. Redgie's paintings often featuring bold geometric shapes and imagery. His work is diverse, held back by no genre or limits and simply paints - leaving you be the judge of a works significance or subject matter. 

"I paint what I feel, when finished with a work I’m done and onto the next idea – sometimes/possibly a reflection of experience. You decide the message in the work and therefore there’s not an explanation, leaving you to decide for yourself as this is a world where thinking for oneself should not be taken for granted." -Redgie Walker-Small 

He sometimes draws inspiration from natural world around him yet he insists that the viewer decides for themselves the meaning of the work as it is his strong belief that what should be taken away from his work is up to the exploration of the viewer as it is of uppermost importance as having the ability to think and decide for oneself shows strength of character that is quickly diminishing in this current era yet upholding our Tino Rangatiratanga and our bodily autonomy with a strong mental aptitude will hold us in good stead for the future. His work is gaining a reputation as one of New Zealand's most exciting emerging artists. 

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