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Sally-Ann Davies Printmaker

Sally-Ann draws inspiration from the ever-changing beauty of the natural environment. Each moment is unique and never to be repeated, which is why she strives to capture the essence of the landscapes through my printmaking. 

Her process involves creating layered landscapes using handmade printmaking plates. I aim to capture the colours, textures, and patterns of the natural world. I use a variety of techniques, including monoprinting to capture the light, collagraphs for texture, and carved woodblocks to create the contours of the landscape. 

Growing up on a dairy farm in England and now settled on the shores of Lake Taupo, New Zealand, Sally-Ann is a country girl at heart. She finds solace in the outdoors and often take long walks, drawing inspiration from the natural elements. From the wind and rain to the brilliant sun, Sally-Ann is always intrigued at how these elements shape and transform the landscapes around us. 

Sally-Ann Davies' work is a reflection of her passion for the natural world and her desire to capture the beauty and complexity of the landscapes around her. Through Sally-Ann's printmaking, she seeka to transport viewers to a moment in time and share with them the wonder and awe we experience every day.

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