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Sarah Barnett

Sarah Barnett has always had a passion for and a love of all things 'Art'. Her passion started at school, which led onto completing a fine arts degree to working on movie sets and traveling the world. Sarah works predominantly with Resene Acrylics, as well as other mediums. She has developed a style that although ever changing and organic is a beautiful mix of movement, texture and colour that creates depth and provokes emotion while telling a story.

Sarah is inspired by her natural surroundings but delves into past experiences, memories and imagined settings. The size and scale of some of her larger pieces are quite engaging. Sarah has enjoyed great success through solo and group exhibitions- most recently the fabulous Auckland Art Show and soon to be exhibiting at the Fo Guang Yuan Art exhibition in October. 'I love the whole process of creating, allowing the paint to take on a life of its own. It gives me a great sense of hope and reassurance.'

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