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Sarah Godfrey

Born and raised on the West Coast of the South Island, Sarah moved to Dunedin in early 2000. It was here that she completed a B.F.A at Dunedin School of Art, graduating in 2003. Inspired by her lecturers Lyn Plummer and Peter Cleverley, Sarah discovered that painting was her calling and this became her major in year 3 and 4 of the degree. She received the ‘Derivan Art award’ while studying in her last year.

In the years following her degree Sarah concentrated her efforts on working in the Interior Design industry. While this is still an interest for her, a holiday with her parents reignited her passion for landscape painting and on returning to the West Coast in 2013 she set up her current studio on the Godfrey family farm. 

Sarah’s work is largely inspired by New Zealand’s vast landscapes. She is particularly interested in colour and emotion rather than trying to create a realistic scene. 

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