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Sarka Cibulcova

Sarka Cibulcova is an artist based in Oamaru, New Zealand. She grew up in the Czech Republic and gained a Master of Fine Arts with honours.

Sarka's work reflects nature. Inspired by macroscopic views of plants and amazed by their intricacy, she creates paintings in oil, soft pastel and encaustic media. Her aspiration is to depict the processes of growth. Her desire to make three-dimensional paintings led her to develop structural paintings using encaustic techniques, controlling direction, heights and hues.

Since 2009 she has gained awards for her work, exhibiting widely in New Zealand. In 2021 she had a solo exhibition at the Forrester Gallery in Oamaru with the theme "Known and Unknown Nature".

Encaustic Art

Encaustic technique provides Sarka with the opportunity to create artworks that express the inner workings of plants. The gradual building up of encaustic medium takes her close to the process of growing plant tissue. Moreover, it meets her desire for sustainable living; the medium is a nature-based technique and the most archival medium of all. Sarka started to explore encaustic painting during her high school years and mix her own medium.

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