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Brick and Water Creative

Stacey Fraser-Allen is a Wellington-based ink and watercolour artist and creator of Brick and Water Creative.

After completing her degree in business she found a passion for watercolours and paired that with her love of New Zealand architecture. 

Growing up in Wales, amongst estate and terraced houses, she was immediately drawn to New Zealand’s quirky and individualistic buildings and homes. The corrugated iron roofs, timber frames and in-door, out-door flow reflect the kiwi culture she fell in love with. 

Since then she has continues to specialise in capturing buildings, drawing attention to the little details and endeavouring to immortalise the memories that they hold. 

Her first solo exhibition was held at Thistle Hall Gallery in February 2022 featuring 28 pieces focusing on and celebrating heritage-listed buildings around Wellington. Some featured works depicted buildings that had been demolished decades ago but were scenes of historical significance and cultural influences in Wellington.  

Following on from this, her show .STREET.SCAPES. debuted a collection of new limited edition fine art prints of iconic buildings from around central Wellington and its southern suburbs. 

In 2023 she returned to the New Zealand Art Show for the second time to debut a new series of more conceptual works titled CLUSTERS. The cluster series aimed to reflect Wellington’s quirky feel and vibe within a single frame.

Her work continues to celebrate New Zealand’s historical architecture and aims to draw people away from their technology and back into the physical.

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