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Vicki Jackson

The author of Charlotte’s Web, E. B. White, said, “Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.”

With a love of wildlife, ecology and nature, I strive to capture the majesty of the natural world with evocative artworks. 

Self taught, the style of my work has evolved organically, from experimenting with varied mediums, mark making and colour. Working primarily in pastel for the softness it imbues; often combined with mixed media. My style combines realism with abstract impressionism elements. There is a constant interplay between the intuitive and restraint.  

 I am drawn to the wild for inspiration. Soaking up the wondrous ephemeral moment, with all the senses awakened. Shifting between different lenses, both literally and figuratively. Working from photos and memories, these intimate awe inspiring experiences light the flame. I am always striving to create my best piece.

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