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Highly Commended


While it is only the Regional Finalist that goes forward to compete with the other Regional Finalists for the ultimate Award, the HIGHLY COMMENDED artists will enjoy the motivational recognition they receive from the judges and the public amongst their peers at the Opening Night of the Christchurch Show at the wonderful Te Pae Event Centre on Friday 8th March.

Jason Fastier is one of two highly commended artists selected in the Christchurch regional award for The STUFF ART Aotearoa Gold Award. Jason's oil painting "Ethereal Moss", stood out to the judges as a work worthy of highly commended status. Congratulations Jason. 

"My paintings aim to take the viewer on a journey through a bizarre alternate reality. They are created in response to the ever-increasing environmental destruction of today’s modern world. Each piece gives a snapshot into an alternate ‘surreal’ reality where nature is allowed the freedom to regrow and flourish into something new. Grounded in the natural beauty of NZ landscape, I highlight local hidden spots and incorporate native flora and fauna into my scenes. I take all my own reference photography and put a lot of effort into capturing the perfect lighting often in the ‘golden hour’ that illuminates a scene in the best way possible."

Highly Commended ChCh1
Highly Commended
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