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Adjudicating the award

The rigorous guidelines being used for this national Award will ensure that it takes a place in the upper echelon of art prizes within Aotearoa. This award will be adjudicated by a national panel of three judges the first of whom is a highly regarded and very experienced professional drawn from within New Zealand’s thriving art sector.​ This judge will be involved in the panel’s decisions at all four 2024 Art Show locations. Four further industry professionals, (one from each of the four locations) will assist with the selection of the Stuff Award Finalist in that show location only. A third STUFF nominated judge (also acting nationally, will make up the panel.

This panel acts independently of Art Shows Across Aotearoa.​ Further Judging Panel details will be posted on the Art Shows Across Aotearoa website in January 2024.


The four Finalists along with two Highly Commended artists from each of the 2024 Shows will be progressively announced and awarded their Finalist prizes, show by show, at the individual Show Opening events at each art show location. These results will be progressively posted on the Arts Shows Across Aotearoa website.


The overall Winner of the 2024 STUFF Art Aotearoa Award will be selected from these four Finalists immediately following the Queenstown Show in October 2024 and will be announced and awarded their prize at a separate ceremony

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