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      NZ sponsorship art award

  "This award is for an artist who is dedicated to the craft of fine art and good practice whilst finding new ways to explore their creativity. "

One recipient from each of our art shows will be selected by Winsor & Newton NZ to receive Winsor & Newton art materials to the value of $500 and a three-panel artist exhibition pack for the next years art show! The value of the award being a total value of $5,875.00 nationally.

We have some dedicated creatives receive this award from Winsor & Newton over the past few years in our Christchurch, Dunedin and Auckland Art Shows. We look forward to seeing who receives this award in 2024 at all our national art shows.

Debbie Lambert Chch 2022
Tatyana Kulida Auckland 2023
Bernadette Parsons Chch 2023
Harry Moores Duunedin 2021
Clinton Christian Auckland 2022
Vjekoslav Nemesh Chch 2021

art shows across aotearoa

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