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is an exciting new national award that we bring to you for the 2024 Art Show Season. Bringing an award of this standing and magnitude into the orbit of our art show exhibitors, is not only recognition of the talented artists we have been working with and supporting year after year, it is also inspirational to those who will be exhibiting with us for the first time in 2024.

Art Shows across aotearoa are DElighted to have been able to work with stuff media to make this award happen.

People enjoying an Art Show by Art Shows Across Aotearoa.
Stuff logo, sponsor of the Stuff Art Aotearoa Gold Awards

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An outstanding Kiwi business success story in itself.

Journalists at Stuff, sponsor of the Stuff Art Aotearoa Gold Awards
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Stuff logo, sponsor of the Stuff Art Aotearoa Gold Awards

$35,000 VALUE


THE STUFF ART AOTEAROA GOLD AWARD comprises of both cash and benefits valued at $35,000 allocated across the four Finalists and the ultimate Winner as follows:


 $1,000 CASH

plus sponsored 5 Panel 2025 Exhibition Pack value $1,500 at that art show location.

Total value of $10,000 ($2,500 for each finalist).


 $20,000 CASH

Plus a $1,500 STUFF advertising voucher

Plus sponsored 5 Panel 2025 Exhibition Pack at each of the other 2025 Shows, value $4,500:

Total value for overall winner $26,000

​One FINALIST and two HIGHLY COMMENDED artists will be progressively selected and announced at each Show throughout the year - with the ultimate WINNER being selected from these FOUR LOCATION FINALISTS after the final 2024 Show in Queenstown. 

For more detailed award information see our terms and conditions.

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