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Jo Loughnan Artworks


We love having community arts exhibit with us at Art Shows Across Aotearoa! 

In 2024 we welcome back The White Room Creative Community Space to The Christchurch Art Show. The White Room is a successful studio where artists supported by Skillwise, an organisation that supports adults with learning disabilities, can explore their creative potential.  The White Room advocates for their artists inclusion in contemporary arts practice. This year we congratulate The White Room on their tenth anniversary, and we are proud to be supporting their artists to exhibit with us at The Christchurch Art Show.

The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts is a well-known Wellington arts entity that has occupied a unique position for the arts in New Zealand, and Wellington in particular since 1882. The Academy is a self-funding Incorporated Society dedicated to the visual arts. Throughout the Academy's illustrious history many of this country's finest artists have been a part of its' Journey. The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts aims to benefit the community of New Zealand through the promotion, creation, understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts. Art Shows Across Aotearoa is delighted that the Academy will exhibit at The Wellington Art Show in April 2024.


Lake House Arts will showcase their artists at The Auckland Art Show. Hundreds of members and artists from the wider Auckland community regularly participate in Lake House Arts exhibitions and events. We are excited to have The Lake House artists join us in Auckland at The Viaduct Events Centre in July 2024.

If you are a community arts entity and are interested in exhibiting at The Queenstown Art Show at The Queenstown Events Centre 25 - 28 October 2024. Please contact to enquire about our community arts initiative.

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If you'd like to apply for a community arts exhibitions space, get in touch. 
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