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Jamie Stewart

New Zealand artist J Stewart is passionate about capturing the unique light effects and landforms of the areas of Fiordland and Western Southland. Fiordland offers breathtaking and awe-inspiring scenes that J Stewart takes to his canvas. The scale of the landforms in this region are almost unfathomable and the lush slopes of the flords are continually activated and enhanced by rainfall. These landscapes are in a constant state of change and flux, with no two moments the same. It isn't surprising that the artist has re-visited these subjects for over 12 years.

J Stewart works on oil canvas and linen building up numerous glazes of paint to achieve his desired look, sometimes incorporating 40 to 80 layers to create a scene with a rich depth of colour.

While realistic in their depiction, these paintings are also emotive and expressive with their distinctive mists resting on the landscape creating a spiritual mood. Spending time with these works one discovers the artist has not compromised on details hidden in the fog. The eye slowly reveals distant glaciers, birds in flight, tree tops and incoming rain. This similar to the experience of sitting still in nature. The longer  one contemplates, the more life emerges from the scene around them.

As the artist describes "Landscapes are my passion and I'm fascinated by the beauty of the land and its spiritual essence. I endeavour to capture natures absolute beauty."

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