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Shawna Chow

Shawna Chow - Artist

Born in Los Angeles to Chinese parents, Shawna now lives in New Zealand with her kiwi husband, whom she met on a wildlife reserve in Africa. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Interior Architectural Design from California State University Long Beach, she brings a wealth of creative expertise to her artistry.

Before settling in New Zealand, Shawna spent over 25 years as a creative director in her design firm in New York City. Her clientele included renowned names like Sony, Columbia Records, Jennifer Lopez, David Letterman, P Diddy, and the Malaysian Embassy among others. 

Beyond her design career, Shawna has been an advocate for children's rights. She worked as a behavioral therapist with children on the autism spectrum and played a key role in New Zealand's law change in 2017, outlawing the seclusion of children in schools.

Influenced by the fauna of New Zealand and the rich history of Chinese brush strokes, Shawna's artwork reflects her diverse experiences and her current place of residence. From the towering structures adorned by pigeons in New York City to the untamed beauty of Makara Beach, where she now resides. With a child-like optimism and passion for cartoons, Shawna's art captures the wonders of the natural world. 

Shawna finds inspiration in the ever-evolving moments and the enchanting birdlife that graces her daily life. Through bold colors and expressive brushstrokes, Shawna aims to evoke a sense of carefree animated movement, inviting viewers to embrace curiosity with a touch of mischievousness. 

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