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Shona Mackenzie

Predominantly a semi-abstract, process driven, mixed media, landscape artist, Shona paints intuitively. She rarely has a firm idea of how a work will resolve before she starts. Her works on canvas are recognisable for their expressive mark-making and rich layers of translucent acrylic. When working on paper Shona incorporates collage, her own monotype prints and a wealth of texture. 

As a habitual visual collector, Shona subconsciously looks for and gathers those special and fleeting moments found in nature. It could be the movement of the breeze through a field or the dawn mist hugging a forest, but the essence of what she sees is savoured and stored. In time, these images reappear unbidden in her art. Unsurprisingly much of Shona’s work is landscape based. Through this lens she explores long forgotten memories, what it means to call two countries home, her deep connection to the land and generational echoes of emotion.

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