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2024 Artist pack application - WELLINGTON

Use this form to apply for an artist pack for the 2024 year at The Wellington Art Show 2024 in the fabulous new Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre, Tākina.

Friday 19th April, is our opening event. Saturday 20 April - Sunday 21 April, are show days 2024 at Tākina, 50 Cable St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011. Located just across the road from Te Papa. 

 Information about artist packs, pricing, and terms and conditions are all on this application form. Our recommended price range is up to $20,000 plus. For all shows we expect work to be priced in an affordable manner for today’s economy and for artists to cover a low, medium and higher range price bracket with their own pricing bracket.

Applications close when we have filled our floorplan capacity and we advertise when we are about to close on our social media platforms.

We appreciate all applications made to us. Please contact us if you need any help in completing the online form:
Phone - 022 100 7644 (Kate)

or 022 658 2960 (John)
Email - or

Contact Details
Artist Pack Details

Please select the artist pack below that you wish to apply for. Panels are 2.3 H x 1.2 W, are velcro receptive and are a soft black colour.

Please note that limited storage space will be allocated to artists closer to the event.  Artists are expected to be present to manage their own panels as work always sells better with the artist in charge! Artists may have an assistant for installation and show days. We do not have an option for artist assistants to be present on opening night, unless your assistant signs up and is accepted as a white glover to work for Art Shows Across Aotearoa.

Select an option
We have options available for artist assistants to work as white glovers employed by Art Shows Across Aotearoa. This is a new innovation for us to assist artists in 2024. Tick a box below to indicate if you are interested in finding out how your assistant is able to white glove. A fee for working as art show support staff will be paid to your contracted assistant post show.
Please check any additional items that you would like to purchase. We reccomend spotlights with your panels.
I agree with the following:
JPEG or PNG Images - for promotional purposes

By uploading these images to us you are agreeing to Art Shows Across Aotearoa's use of your images for promotional purposes for our art shows. We require 3 digital images of your work and 2 images of you in your studio. Important please label your jpeg file with your last name and name of the name of art work. eg: Smithsunrise. The images that you upload to us are to give us an example of the type of work that you intend to exhibit.

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Short Bio

We request a short bio and a website address. Please include the titles of the images loaded above with the price range of your work and the size (H x W).

Delivery Details

Please pick which option you intend to use for The Wellington Art Show 2024:

Option 1. I will bring my work with me to the 2024 show and take all unsold work with me on my departure.

Option 2. I will courier my work to The Wellington Art Show 2024 on the date supplied and unpack when I arrive. I will repack unsold work for return courier. All artwork that is couriered back to the artist post show will be sent via the arrangements made in the Welcome Pack as per each individual show. If you accept our terms and conditions you accept our method arranged for couriering and ticketing. In some instances, you may be charged for using our courier.

Delivery Choice
How did you hear about The Wellington Art Show 2024?

Art Shows Across Aotearoa are privileged to announce this exciting new national award is available for our 2024 Art Show Season.

We are delighted to partner with STUFF Media to make this award happen!


The STUFF ART AOTEAROA GOLD AWARD comprises both cash and benefits to the value of $35,000+, allocated across the four Finalists and the ultimate Winner as follows:

EACH LOCATION FINALIST:  $1,000 CASH, plus a sponsored 1 x 5 Panel 2025 Exhibition Pack at that Location:  Exhibition Pack Value $1,500.

OVERALL WINNER: $20,000 CASH, plus a $1,500 STUFF advertising voucher, plus a sponsored 5 Panel 2025 Exhibition Pack at each of the other three 2025 Show Locations: Exhibition Pack Value $4,500.

​One FINALIST and two Highly Commended artists will be progressively selected and announced at each Show throughout the year - with the ultimate WINNER being selected from these FOUR LOCATION FINALISTS after the final 2024 Show in Queenstown. 

The award is professionally adjudicated by a national three- judge panel independent of Arts Shows Across Aotearoa and will be awarded to the winning artist at the end of the 2024 Art Show Season after our Queenstown Art Show.

Please note there is a $25 entry fee for this award, that will be invoiced to you. I wish to enter the Stuff Art Aotearoa Gold Award.
Signature Large Art Terms & Conditions

The Wellington Art Show will have a limited number of special walls 2.4m x 2.3m available to exhibit selected large works as part of the Signature Large Art painting promotion at all Shows throughout the 2024 season.

If you are interested in participating please apply via email to at least two months before the Wellington Show date.  All artists will be notified within a week of this closing date whether their application has been successful or not.

Please note that Signature Large Art works need to be a minimum of 1-5 metres wide or high and a maximum of 2ms wide or high and ready to hang.

Your application needs to provide an image of the work or works you have available, the size in cms, the medium, the name of the work and the price. 

Accepted paintings may be rotated on and off the Signature Large Art walls depending upon the number of works selected for exhibition and the sales of these. 

Applying does not incur any additional cost for the Artist.

Email your submission to

Payment Terms

Payment for artist packs is 40% of the total on acceptance and a second payment of the balance four months out from the scheduled show date.

For artists with financial constraints please email to ask us about payment packages.

Fees are non-refundable. 

Application Fee

An application fee of $25 incl. GST is required to confirm your booking. When you click the Pay & Apply button you will be taken to a checkout where you can pay your application fee straightaway via credit card. 

Expect a response from The Wellington Art Show to your application within 30 days of our receiving it. We thank you for your application. 

Agree Gold
Agree Terms

TERMS - 2024 ThE Art show

Read the terms and conditions well and make sure you understand them before you submit your application to us as this agreement forms a legal contract with Art Shows Across Aotearoa.


Please note the term “The Art Show” refers to all our art show events; Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown and Wellington. 

  • There is no price ceiling for large sculpture. The recommended price range is up to $20,000 plus. We advise artists to keep within their usual pricing and to cover a range of high, med to low price brackets. 

  • Commission for large sculpture is 40% and no charge for space. 

  • The commission unless otherwise stated is 25%.

  • Art Shows Across Aotearoa will act as an agent for the artist for the duration of the show.

  • Ownership of the artworks will remain the artists until sold.

  • All work accepted into The Art Show may be reproduced by Art Shows Across Aotearoa for advertising purposes.

  • Artwork and artists may be filmed/photographed for advertising purposes for all our art shows while they are present at the art show.

  • All work is for sale.

  • Artwork must be not more than three years old. Excluding giclee and reproductions of originals.

  • All work entered must be the work of a living artist and must be entered by the artist/creator of the work – the exception being if the entity entering is an arts body. The arts body must show that all artists exhibiting with them have agreed to do so and that they in turn, agree with our terms and conditions.

  • All work must be the artist’s own work/inspiration/intellectual property.

  • A single piece of wall hung work must be no heavier than 8kgs.

  • All 2D wall hung work is to be framed. The exception being object art, canvas art and aluminium prints and print rack prints.

  • Any items that the artist is setting up in front of their panels on the floor space need to be approved by Art Shows Across Aotearoa. This is to ensure that items are not blocking your neighbouring artists panels – or are a health & safety issue for passage around the show.

  • All works required to be signed by the artist where possible.

  • All electrical appliances used at the show and/or for sale must have an up-to-date test and tag.  

  • Artworks must fit the dimensions of your Artist Pack/3D Pack.

  • Original and Open Edition Prints - only one copy of an original edition on display at any time. The edition number must be visible with no adjustments - or the information must be with an attached certificate of authenticity. Only one work of an open edition on exhibition at any one time. Artists must take care to have the correct information about a print recorded on the sales tag/back of work – if the work is an original print, etching, giclee, limited edition, open edition, reproduction or other. A certificate of authenticity is advised for these works. We want the customer to have the correct information about what type of print they are purchasing.

  • If an artist sells out of their stocked artwork during the show, then that space/panels become the property of Art Shows Across Aotearoa to use. An artist may not pass their artist pack onto another artist without authority from Art Shows Across Aotearoa. 

  • Art Shows Across Aotearoa reserves the right to remove any artwork from the show even if the work has been previously accepted.

  • Terms and conditions can be subject to change.



  • We have no exclusion or restriction of trade policy, and we applaud the artist’s right to exhibit where they may. If you apply to our show we expect you to exhibit with us if you application is successful. There is a no refund policy once fees are paid, and payment is expected on the due date. 

  • Payment for artist packs is required in two parts. The first part payment is 40% on invoice when accepted into the show and the second part is the balance four months prior to the scheduled show date.  If you wish to put a payment plan into action please contact John

  • Application fee of $25 incl. GST is non-refundable. Artist pack fees are also non-refundable. 

  • Art Shows Across Aotearoa will retain the agreed commission of the sales price of each painting and will pay the balance to artists. GST registered artists will be responsible to return GST output Tax in their GST return.

  • Payments to artists are paid once a reconciliation post show has been submitted to the artist and acknowledged by the artist as correct.

  • Commissions that artists receive at the show or as a result of being in the show must be declared as a sale to the show so that Art Shows Across Aotearoa can retain its agreed commission. 

  • All work for sale must be labelled correctly and is the artist's responsibility to make sure all sales information is received by Art Shows Across Aotearoa on time from the artist. 

  • Insurance of Artworks - is the artist’s responsibility at the show and in transit. We will endeavour to handle your work with care and respect, but the insurance of artwork is the artist’s responsibility. Please realise, if any damage or loss occurs it is at the artist’s own risk.

  • If your assistant is working the show as art show support staff they will be paid the agreed rate post-show along with any artist payments reconciled. Your assistant must abide by the art show requirements for support staff. (Please note this new offering is a work in progress and we are looking at making the position as a contractor position if possible, so artists can be paid all revenue and manage the best option for themselves). This is a significant credit and will benefit artists and improve the quality of our white gloving on the sales floor. Artists who are exhibiting with the shows are exempt from this position. There are a limited number of positions available. 

  • We will have cancellation and abandonment insurance policies in place for all our events. Any successful claim on this policy would mean that all artists would be refunded their artist pack costs accordingly. Please note that this does not cover all eventualities. Covid-19 is not covered by insurance.

  • If the art show event is postponed for any reason your artist pack will be forwarded to the new date.

  • Art Shows Across Aotearoa is subject to all government regulations.



  • Artists who intend to deliver and pick up works will need to do so on the dates arranged by Art Shows Across Aotearoa. We are not responsible for work delivered outside the given dates and times. As we provide you with delivery and pick up information, we expect you to take note of it and act on it.

  • All unsold work to be collected and removed from the event venue by the artist on the date and times selected by Art Shows Across Aotearoa. We are not responsible for work left behind.

  • 3D Work - heavy, large or needing assemblage will be the artist’s responsibility to install and deliver to the event site. It is also the artist’s responsibility to uninstall the work and to remove it and arrange delivery to the purchaser.

  • All artwork that is couriered back to the artist post show will be sent via the arrangements made in the Welcome Pack as per each individual show. If you accept our terms and conditions you accept our method arranged for couriering and ticketing. In some instances you may be charged for using our courier.

  • All works being couriered to The Art Show should be couriered to arrive on the receiving days and address as outlined in your Welcome Pack.

  • Full instructions for the 2024 Art Show will be made available to selected artists in your Welcome Pack. (This will include all dates, payments, courier details, labelling and general show details). Your Welcome Pack will be made available to you if your application is successful.


The Art Show is a cash and carry art show. Sold artwork (except for heavy sculpture and award works) leaves the building with the purchaser. Work is hung and displayed on your artist pack panels. Your excess work is stored onsite and as artwork is sold and moves on with the purchaser your stored work replaces the sold work in your exhibition. This means that the show is constantly rotating. The movement of artwork is dictated by the movement of sales. We advise artists to make sure that they provide enough extra work to replace their sold work.

Artists who are required to be present to promote their own work and curate their own work. Please display your own catalogue, business cards and promotional materials.

Art Shows Across Aotearoa has full control and the final say in the hanging and exhibition of all works and promotional materials in the show. Art Shows Across Aotearoa retains the right to remove any unwanted material. The movement of artworks in a cash and carry show is initiated by the purchaser and because of this we cannot guarantee that all the artworks supplied will be on exhibit. ​







  • The 2024 Stuff Art Aotearoa Gold Award will be run in four progressive stages, one stage at each of the four art shows presented by Art Shows Across Aotearoa during 2024. Each of these four art shows are in a different city – Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, and Queenstown.

  • Four local Award FINALISTS will be progressively selected, by the independent judging panel, one finalist from each show as the year unfolds. This beginning in March 2024 at The Christchurch Art Show and ending in October 2024 at The Queenstown Art Show. Each of these Finalists will be selected and announced at the Opening Event of the show they are exhibiting at.

  • Two Highly Commended artists will also be selected and announced by the judging panel from Award entries, at each of the four shows.

  • The OVERALL NATIONAL AWARD WINNER will be selected by the judging panel from the four local finalists at a date and location tba after the Queenstown Show in October 2024. The prize will be presented by a representative of Stuff Media.

  • This Award is valued at $35,000+ and comprises of both cash and benefits allocated across the four Finalists and the ultimate Winner as follows

    EACH LOCATION FINALIST:  $1,000 CASH plus Complimentary 1 x 5 Panel 2025 Exhibition Pack at that Location:  Exhibition Pack Value $1,500 each Finalist.


       OVERALL, WINNER: $20,000 CASH, plus a $1,500 STUFF advertising voucher, plus a complimentary 3 x 5             Panel 2025 Exhibition Pack at each of the other three 2025 Show Locations: Exhibition Pack Value $4,500.

  • A prerequisite therefore for entering the 2024 Stuff Art Aotearoa Gold Award is prior acceptance to exhibit at one or more of the four shows being presented by Art Shows Across Aotearoa in either Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, or Queenstown. If an artist is accepted at more than one of these four shows, they are entitled to enter the 2024 Stuff Art Aotearoa Gold Award at each of the locations. One entry for this award per show acceptance, per artist.

  • A non-refundable Entry Fee of $25 is applicable to each Award Entry.

  • Entry into the 2024 Stuff Art Aotearoa Gold Award is open to anyone over 18 years old currently living permanently in New Zealand or who has New Zealand citizenship.


  • Applications to exhibit at one of the ASAA’s 2024 location shows and to enter the Award are open now, excepting The Christchurch Art Show which has closed for applications.

  • More information available at




  • The artist can enter one only original 2D artwork, at each show location.

  • The artwork can be no larger than 1500mm x 1500mm x 40mm or equivalent, inclusive of framing, professionally presented, and ready to hang.

  • Artworks can be single or mixed media paintings, drawings, digital works, photographs and similar. Prints are not acceptable. If in doubt about the compliance of your proposed entry, please contact organisers prior to submitting your entry, to clarify.

  • The artwork entered must have been completed within one calendar year of the entry date and may not have been previously exhibited publicly anywhere at all including galleries, exhibitions, art shows, art trails including an artist’s own studio or online including an artist’s own website, Instagram, Facebook and similar.

  • Entrants who are at an art-school or university where the artwork was exhibited for assessment or year-end showing on campus are granted an exemption from this condition.

  • All artworks must have secure surfaces eg fragile pastel and charcoal surfaces must be ‘fixed’. Paint must be dry.

  • All artworks must be ready and easy to hang. That is they must be professionally presented and be suitable strung, with wire/cord attached to D rings with no protruding nails or screws. The art work must be dry. If not presented in a ready-to-hang manner the artwork may be rejected and will not be hung.

  • All entries are to be for sale.

  • The organisers reserve the right to reject any non-compliant or unsuitable artworks for any reason whatsoever with no discussion being entered into.

  • Any correspondence between the artist and the organisers is confidential and will not be shared with third parties unless authorised.





  • Two high resolution images of each artwork entered are to be submitted preferably at time of entry or if not available at that time, must be received by the organisers 10 days before the opening night of the Show for which that entry has been made. 

  • High resolution images are to be uploaded in JPEG file format no greater than 2 MB.

  • Images must be a true and accurate representation of the artwork entered.

  • Entrants give their permission for photos, videos and images of themselves and their work to be used for marketing and promotional purposes on the web, on social media platforms and in print.






  • Judging at each location will be undertaken by an independent 3-person panel led by a senior art sector professional.

  • At each Show, the artwork entered will be displayed on the artists ‘wall’ along with other works as per normal by 4pm on Bump-In day.

  • Judging commences and continues through the 5pm to 7pm VIP Preview session open to those who have purchased VIP tickets.

  • By 7pm on Opening Night the three artworks selected by the judges (being the Gold Award FINALIST for that location plus the two Highly Commended works for that location) will be transferred from the Artist’s own ‘walls’ to hang on the Stuff Art Aotearoa Gold Award Finalists Display Wall.

  • These three paintings are available for sale to the public but in the event of being purchased, will need to stay on display until the Show closes at the end of the weekend, at which time they will be made available for pickup by or delivery to the purchaser.   

  • At 8pm on Opening Night the local Finalist Winner will be announced.

  • Winners are required to be in attendance for appropriate photographs with the sponsor’s representative.

  • The judges’ decisions are final, and no discussion will be entered into.

The Art Show Awards 2024

Please go to to view award information for all our art shows.


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