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Aimée McLeod

Potting since the early 90s, and learning from many wonderful and generous potters, I completed my Diploma of Arts (Ceramics) through ANU, Canberra in 2004.

I have been exhibiting regularly with CeramicsNZ and in other group exhibitions nationally, including The Portage in 2018.

My workshop at home has a 27-cu ft gas kiln in which I mainly fire in reduction to cone 10, and a little electric kiln which I use for oxidation and lower temperatures.

Wheel throwing, coiling, playing with slabs of casting slip are all techniques I use in my work.

Shapes are always evolving naturally, not by design, progressing from one to the next which then suggest a theme.

“I love all aspects of working with clay, to the point of obsession.

My visitor series are humanoid, but not really human. I consider them as visitors from another world- from under the sea, the forest, another era, or even from outer space.

My Amazons, taller than my visitors, embody the emotional strength women need to survive in this still male dominated world.

Sometimes my sculptures turn into “birds”, but I am not interested in anatomical correctness, merely their essence.

I get real satisfaction from developing glazes that look organic and are appropriate for the piece.”

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