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Alex DiMercurio

Alex is a French-born New Zealand artist with a deep love for nature and art, blending post-impressionism, fauvism, and abstract realism into her own style. She has been both a galleried and a professional, self-representing artist for over 16 years, connecting directly with curators and collectors across the globe.

Her mission is to celebrate the simple beauty of the natural world by creating immersive and contemplative works that enhance our connection to nature and encourage a conservationist heart. Exploring her reverence and deep connection to untouched natural environments and the outdoors is what drives her desire to paint tree-scapes and forests. She also enjoys experimenting and expanding her creative palette with abstracts, landscapes, florals, portraits and still life.

She is captivated by painting the interplay of movement, light, and contrasting shadows in natural settings infused with vibrant, imaginative colours. Her recent work focuses on capturing fleeting moments of reverence where a scene transcends its individual elements to become a unified whole, reflecting her core belief in the interconnectedness of all things.

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