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Colette O'Kane

Colette O’Kane, an artist and writer from Oamaru, New Zealand, draws from a diverse background to fuel her creative pursuits. She recently co-created "Adultery: An Artful Affair," a unique novel blending prose and poetry, in collaboration with artist Frankie Bakker. This project has birthed standalone art pieces.

Colette's life journey has taken her between New Zealand and Australia, transitioning from a teaching career to the remote Aboriginal regions of Australia's Northern Territory. Influenced by the vibrant artistic culture in places like Papunya, she developed her distinct whimsical style, known for its colorful scenes and hidden details that captivate viewers.

Beyond her creative work, Colette is a sought-after guest speaker and judges the Bell Hill Poetry Competition. Her achievements include winning the Waitaki Arts Festival Poetry Slam in 2021 and recognition in various exhibitions and competitions. She continues to share her creativity with the world.

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