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Diana Nicholson-Plank

Having strangers stand before my work with joy, wonder and sometimes tears in their eyes is a feeling there are no words for. For strangers to truly ‘connect’ with my work is gift beyond measure. Winning 3 coveted “People’s Choice Awards” at the… Arts Canterbury Art Show, 2022; Darfield Artweek, 2022 Arts Canterbury Juried Exhibition, 2022 were moments of affirmation that after 30+ years, I am finally discovering my true artistic voice. 

About my work… Inspiration lies in ephemeral glimpses of unexpected juxtapositions within time & space; in the surreal world of dreams; of diverse & complementary opposites. Moments in time to be deciphered through the filter of our private memories, imagination & dreams. 

My journey… Studying Art since 1993, I have a BA in Spatial Design; Dip. Interior Design; and I opened Discoveries Art School, 2016. I now spend my days teaching art to beautiful humans and painting, surrounded by a menagerie of furry friends.

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