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Didi Chapman

Didi Chapman was born in the Czech Republic, and recognized early on in her life that art was an important part of her identity. She was specifically attracted to drawing the natural environment using pencil and Indian ink and modeling a small sculptures from clay as a child.

Didi’s passion for creative art developed into 20 years as a graphic designer owning a graphic design company in Prague and winning a coveted contract producing the corporate identity for an international insurance company. Moving to Australia in 2003 Didi continued her career as an international graphic designer while attending the National Art School in Sydney learning new art skills such as etching and printmaking. Her passion for drawing with Indian ink continued and she was able to hold a successful solo exhibition in Sydney in 2007 and in the Taupo Museum, NZ in 2015.

Since shifting to New Zealand in 2013 and setting up home in Taupo with her kiwi husband and their two sons, Didi become a highly valued member of Active Arts Taupo where she curated their annual exhibitions for 5 years and became a chairperson of Creative Clay Group. She became a member of the Ceramics Association of New Zealand in 2018.

She is tutoring after school pottery classes for children aged 7-15 and pottery workshops for adults.  

She opened her Quirky Pottery Studio in Taupo in early 2020.

She is enjoying transferring drawing onto clay medium, using  Sgraffitto and Mishima decorating techniques, as well as using Ceramic luster decals.

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