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Eszter Luca Art

Artist Eszter Luca is based in the beautiful Garden City known as Christchurch, New Zealand, living beyond the city centre and on the verge of rural outskirts, where you can spot many breathtaking landscapes and sceneries which inspires a lot of her artworks. There you will find her painting and drawing away most days, pouring her heart into her canvas to create statement artworks for you to treasure for years to come. Eszter specializes in creating unique original artworks and commissions for your home and office, drawing from her experience of working within the Interior Design Industry. Originally from Europe, she is constantly mesmerised by the natural world and the scenic beauty that can be found here in New Zealand. 

"I have come to treasure the world around me and the beautiful landscapes that we are so lucky to have in our own backyard. Seeing beauty all around us, I am inspired by the colours, beautiful details and natural patterns that our world offers. My practice includes working in two main areas of painting and drawing in two very different styles, but both with the same underlying concept of intricacy, meticulous attention to detail, and capturing a mood, atmosphere or feeling. 

My drawings primarily explore the beauty of the natural world through landscapes, fauna/ flora, and sometimes incorporating patterns and motifs, using a stippling/pointillism technique. These monochrome artworks are created by building up the image with hundreds of small dots, creating a very detailed final artwork. The result is a contemporary and modern take on the famous pointillism technique. 

My paintings are a contrast to my monochrome drawings, filled with colour that is vibrant and bold. I am interested in capturing the natural world around us, such as fauna and flora, moody landscapes, animals and people. My aim is to capturing the atmosphere, mood or feeling of my subject, capturing these organic forms through many fine layers of paint. Capturing the smaller details and intricacy is an incredibly important part of my practice, taking pride in the meticulous nature of my works.”

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