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Fi Ginivan

Fi is a multimedia 3D artist who works from home on the Wild West Coast. Xe incorporates xir love of bold colours, geometrical patterns and lights into xir 3D artwork. 

Fi repurposes old mannequins and loves nothing more than to hunt second hand stores for unique canvases xe can work on. Xe paints on 3D objects rather than on a flat square canvas. FI describes xir work as being practical and functional, as well as being a piece of art. Fi's artworks are bright and colourful, with either a pop art twist or intricately hand painted geometric designs covering every surface of xir 3D pieces. 

Xe transforms many of xir artworks into lamps, to include an everyday functional aspect to xir creations. Most of these are quirky and cheeky, as is the range of objects xe paints on, from mannequins, to dogs, to unique bookends. All Fi's pieces are one-offs. They are totally unique and a talking point in any household. Fi has exhibited in the Christchurch and Dunedin Art Shows over the last 5 years. Xe won the People's Choice Award at the Auckland Art Show in 2020 and Celebrity Award at the Christchurch Art Show in 2018. Xe currently has work in galleries in the Coromandel, Mapua and Christchurch.

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