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Jessie Christieson
Mixed media

Jessie is a self taught artist living in Governor’s Bay, Banks Peninsula. She has always been active in artistic endeavours, from mixed media craftworks, furniture transformations, mixed media canvas work and has recently discovered the addictive and therapeutic nature of Poured Acrylics and the lush gloss of Resin. Therapeutic due to her discovering this art form whilst recovering from a serious accident in 2019, which left her with a moderate TBI. 

Every painting is a joyous adventure into the ‘land of’ freedom and release of total control!

Her work is completely intuitive, allowing emotions and environment to play an equal part in it’s creation. Each piece is carefully crafted to bring about a sense of organic fluidity as it intuitively evolves into an artwork that often evokes a sense of planetary, galactic or oceanic movement.

The use of metallic and iridescent paints and mediums creates beautiful colour palettes that change and shift as they come to life under resin, particularly when highlighted with accent lighting or where the sunlight can dance across the surface.

Jessie has been exhibiting in national artshows in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland since 2019 and has sold her work into homes and collections both nationally and overseas.

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