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Jill White

I am originally from Africa, having lived mainly in Botswana and Zimbabwe. My art reflects the African colours I grew up with. Golds, coppers, turquoise and rich reds featuring frequently in my paintings.

I have lived in New Zealand for the last 24 years and found that the clarity of light and shade inspired me to paint. The intensity of colour and the incredible land and seascapes.

The longer I live in New Zealand the more I notice my paintings change. A touch more of the lush New Zealand greens to go with my favourite turquoise, blues and reds but always with the touch of African gold represented.

My unique style and approach to subject matter has gained recognition over the years. My paintings are known for their bold lines and abstract forms that challenge traditional notions of representation.

I draw inspiration from a variety of sources, including seascapes, urban landscapes, the natural world around me along with personal experiences. I often experiment with different media and techniques and use certain ‘found’ objects in my mixed media artworks. Something small that once had a purpose. A new life.

I have been given many wonderful opportunities to exhibit my work. A few more memorable ones being selected to exhibit at The New Zealand Art Show with a Single Artist Wall for the last 18 years, The Christchurch Art Show, Nelson Art Show The Dunedin Art Show.

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