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Joanne Webber

Born in New Zealand, Joanne works from her studio in Christchurch. Her paintings are informed by a variety of subjects, including history, advertising and a concern for the natural environment. 

With an interest in fine detail, work is defined by the use of bold design which dances on the canvas and draws the eye around the scene. Joanne often uses irony to comment on events which produces quirky and thought provoking works.  “As an artist I feel honoured and fortunate enough to be able to express my identity and culture through my art. Using the form of hei-tiki I can express and acknowledge my mixed heritage - Māori (Ngāpuhi) and NZ European. I combine the shape of the hei-tiki with taonga and objects remembered from my childhood in a way that displays my representation of what it means to be a New Zealander with Māori and Pākehā whakapapa. 

I have a strong commitment to the conservation of the natural world, in particular all waterways including the ocean, and this is often present in my work.” Joanne has exhibited throughout New Zealand, as well as overseas, including an exhibition in the Chelsea Art District of New York City. Her works are held in collections in Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy (Benetton Collection).

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