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Jorg Engelbrecht

In my paintings I reconstruct aspects of natural forms and textures. My intention is to bring the viewer into a world that they are familiar and comfortable with. I would like the viewer to connect subconsciously, to get drawn into discovering the paintings aspects and to be enriched by the formal beauty of the abstract form.

My interest in architecture is reflected in my artwork. I include the interplay of geometrical lines with natural patterns. I’m fascinated by the phenomena of the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci numbers which play a significant role in nature and architecture and I follow these principles of design to create aesthetic value. 

I use specific painting techniques that I have sophisticated over years of practise. I paint on birch plywood board as I apply paint with not only brushes but also by skimming paint with tools and also removing parts of layers. I have sold many of my works to clients in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the USA. I often create large commission paintings for law firms, accountants and private clients.

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