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Julia Budden

Julia Budden is an Auckland-based Artist. Her paintings currently explore her experiences of the abundant beaches, creeks and coves of the North Shore of Auckland. 

Julia’s recent move to Auckland from South Africa, has allowed her to find new connections to the land, ‘home’ and community with her art practice.  The great sense of safety, freedom and possibilities that a new life in New Zealand has brought, comes through in her vibrant colour palettes and artworks full of movement and tranquillity. Her paintings are an attempt to evoke a sense of ‘home’, a deeper connection to nature, and the feeling of peace, familiarity and freedom that one experiences when immersed in wild places.

She paints mainly in acrylic, or uses mixed media techniques including cyanotype processes, that capture her deep love of plants and the colour blue. Her recent abstract works are inspired by light reflected on water, the abstract tidal swirls and eddies as rivers and sea meet at the mouth on the beach. 

Julia has been painting alongside her work as a Landscape Designer, for many years and has had her work sold in galleries and shops in Cape Town, South Africa. She recently took part in the MAGS show in Auckland in July, her first in New Zealand.

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