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Karen Wilde

Karen Wilde is a contemporary artist based in Tāmaki Makaurau who specializes in ceramics and mixed-media sculptures. Wilde’s artworks explore the connections between nature, ecology and human emotion. Pushing the boundaries of glaze alchemy to create modern art objects with conceptual tensions. Founded on ecological

studies of Aotearoa coastlines, flora and fauna – a hidden world of cause and effect emerges. 

"Material sustainability is important within both my art practice and my everyday life. I recycle materials where possible, including organics, glass, glaze, wood and wire. Exploring te taiao (nature) of Aotearoa is my favourite way to spark project ideas. If you can’t find me in the studio playing with mud and fire, I’ll be gathering inspiration and raw

samples from natural environments." 

Her current works oscillate between simple spherical vessels with minimal openings and more complex figurative sculptures, often housing heavily-textured configurations. Developing mediums through play while observing textures in nature, combined with an interest in organic chemistry and mark-making, results in unique and often unpredictable painterly qualities. Signature marks of fire-forged glaze drips and gestural brushwork is recognized throughout her collection.

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