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Kate Morrison

I like to create works on paper. Mainly whimsical
treatments of houses and people I see around my
neighbour-hood. Old houses, kiwiana,  those old fences with the paua - shell inserts, ha ha fences, old gates, weedy gardens, people walking dogs, and kids walking to school. Especially cats. The feel of a wobbly looking old cat – not a realist drawing, a line drawing that gives a feel of the intent of the drawing. I have five cats – so I like to include them in my drawings too. Sometimes my dog or even a grandchild will make it into the picture. I do the drawings to amuse myself.

I can draw in a realist sense – but I like the whimsy. I use water soluble materials – ink, water colour, acrylic. I think of them as drawings even though there is some painting involved. I worked for about 15 years as a community arts tutor – tutoring children and adults. I enjoyed watching other people learn, and it made me aware of the benefits that making art can give a person.

Just as much as having art on the wall enervates your spirit, so does making art. It is always a pleasure for me to have someone purchase or commission one of my works from me.

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