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Katie Stewart

I’ve always been naturally inspired by and drawn to art. From a very young age I experienced the ‘awe’ of a piece well done- the mystery and magic of it. I’d find myself pondering how the artist managed to achieve the final result and in turn how I could possibly create the magic too.

Somewhere along the way, life got less magic and more routine. In recent years I have become a mum to two beautiful girls and found the magic again. They’ve reminded me to look, to observe, to seek joy and to find it in the tiny details. I started gardening and in turn have also fallen in love with flowers. What once seemed ordinary- has now become extraordinary. 

The colour, the shapes, the vibrancy and curves. My pieces draw from natural beauty surrounding us and remind us to take a moment to find joy. They explore floral curves, shapes and texture. In particular the textured flowers really bring my pieces alive as they expand beyond the painting. They bring presence, character and in all honesty- are just so much fun to paint! I’ve found it- the magic.

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