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Kylie Law

Kylie Law is a New Zealand born artist. She works from a stand-alone studio at her home in Churton Park, Wellington. 

Her authentic mixed media style artwork focuses on the beauty of nature: predominantly florals. Kylie translates delicate blooms using mixed media techniques and a feminine colour palette into vibrant and energetic pieces. Colour, shape and composition are key attributes in her paintings, and it is the combination of these aspects that make her work highly recognisable. 

After fostering a career in corporate communications and marketing for many years Kylie has now turned towards her true passion. Her proudly self-taught art practice has developed over several years – graduating from part time to now working as a full-time artist. This has allowed Kylie to exhibit her works regularly, produce commissioned works and to continue to evolve and develop her professional practice.

 Kylie’s work begins with the development of a colour palette, followed by an organic composition and then works towards detailing and movement of florals and splashes of colour.

The purpose of Kylie’s work is to inject beauty and energy into her work and consequentially the homes where her work resides. 

Kylie’s work can be found at a few select galleries throughout New Zealand and she also sells works direct from her studio. 

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