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Mira Choi

Born in 1964 in Busan, South Korea, Mira Choi's artistic journey began at the age of 10. She studied Fine Arts at Dongduk Women's University, cultivating her skills and passion. Mira's works, characterised by sensuality, nostalgia, and fairytale charm, aim to connect and heal the soul.

Having exhibited her works across diverse cultural landscapes, including Korea, Turkey, Bolivia, Vietnam, China, and the United States, Mira brings a rich tapestry of global influences to her oeuvre. Yet, it is in her hometown of Busan, a bustling harbor city, that  she finds solace and inspiration by the ocean, contemplating her next masterpiece.

A recent visit to Queenstown, New Zealand, left an indelible mark, infusing her art with a new vibrancy. Joining this art show, Mira seeks to explore New Zealand, connect with its people, and deepen her artistic dialogue with nature.

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