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Odelle Morshuis

All of my work – 2D and 3D – draws on the human form to create a narrative that explores how we interact with the space around us. It acknowledges that every space has a history of movement – a complex integration of accumulation and change, transitioning and overlaying human activity through the lens of time.

My current work is made up of figurative pieces that through simplification of form, open up interpretations to the intricacies of human interactions. Human relationships do not occur in isolation, they unfold against the backdrop of our surroundings and circumstances. Some relationships deplete us, some feed us and as the complexities multiply, we project our personal histories, hope and desires through our body and movement in space. These elements are not separate to us – they are part of what make us individual.

The negative space in my sculptures represent human fragility –A precious space. The impression captured within the void alters – not only with time, but also with perspective. It is always changing, just as life is always changing. My pieces draw on all this changeability, when the figurative pieces stand together, they are populated by shadows. The imperfectly cut silhouettes, made from re-purposed steel are designed to magnify the inexact experience of what it is to be human.

I use plasma cutting and value the handmade quality the cut line leaves. As I breathe, my line wobbles; it rains, the sculpture rusts; the sun shines, it casts a shadow; it’s windy, the image in the negative space moves with me.

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