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Phil Blease

Phil is an exciting Artist based in Auckland. 

Originally from the UK, Phil studied Fine Art in England and in Spain.

After years of developing his skills with all types of mediums, Phil primarily uses Oil paints. He enjoys the versatility, the textures and the vividness that oil paints produce.

Phil is a versatile talent, boasting a stunning portfolio of vibrant landscapes, seascapes and figurative fine art.

Phil also featured on Sky Arts "Landscape Artist of the Year" TV Show 2023.

Having grown up with a Father who was a Musician meant Phil was surrounded by music. His love for all Iconic Musicians has inspired his latest series of Musical Icons in an expressionistic Realism / Pop Art style.

His love of bold vibrant colours is evident in his recent paintings, creating an evocative collection that are sure to resonate with his audience!

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