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RVDB Design

I have always loved making things. 

I studied visual communication at Christchurch Polytechnic majoring in 3d design. Once free of the education system, I freelanced as a mural artist and designed and made clocks, which I sold at the Christchurch Arts centre market. For the last 20 years i have been employed by the Court Theatre as a set builder, scenic artist and designer.

My work is very graphic and slightly surreal, using direct profile to capture

the beauty of the subjects to create small self-contained visual stories.

The images are printed onto a self adhesive matt vinyl which is applied onto glass, and a bottom layer [ below the water line] is placed behind the glass

to give the images a sense of water and depth which takes it from a 2d image and transforms it into a 3d object. This effect is difficult to capture

in flat photographs. The prints are finished with hand made wooden frames.

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