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Roz Speirs
Glass art

A garage clear out, a night of insomnia, and a creative itch that needed to be scratched led me to the intoxicating world of fused glass seven years ago, and I abandoned the corporate world and my “proper job” for a more colourful, creative life.

I emigrated to New Zealand from Scotland in 2002, attracted by the lifestyle, climate and landscape. I am inspired by the beauty around me: vast and expansive landscapes and seascapes; dramatic weather patterns which can change in an instant, and the vibrant colours of the changing seasons.

I work with a combination of sheet glass, crushed glass and glass powders to create textured evocative, landscapes, seascapes and sculptural pieces that capture raw, organic essence of New Zealand. Natural elements such as pure silver foil and mica also feature in my work.

I am drawn to the translucent nature of glass and how it is transformed by light. Most glass is fused at 800 degrees Celsius but I like to fuse at lower temperatures to retain the texture of the glass which adds extra depth and dimension.

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