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Sandie Brown

Although Sandie has drawn and painted most her life it was not until a few years ago that she discovered the magic of still life, which she has studied under the mentorship of International Artists since 2018. Inspired by historical greats such as Sorolla, Singer-Sargent and Mortelmans, Sandie paints in all genres, majoring in still life which documents the beauty of daily life in the simple things we find around us. The compositional elements that one must bring to the empty canvas start with selecting various props and creating the artwork from the ‘stage’ of the still life set up. Capturing how the light moves across the setup is where the mystery and magic happens. It is a never-ending joy. 

Sandie’s work evokes a sense of timelessness and stability in a contemporary World where uncertainty is the norm. Her paintings are in private collections around the Globe and have been featured in our own Aotearoa Artist Magazine, making the front cover of the September 2021 issue.

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