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Sean Beldon

Sean is an Auckland artist best known for his large New Zealand landscape paintings.

Sean says “I paint New Zealand landscapes and places with a style that leans towards painterly with a modernist feel, swinging between representative and abstract.

Since Aotearoa became my new home in 2007, I have travelled up and down the country photographing moments and scenes from the far North to the deep South. These early journeys later became the inspiration and material for my paintings, when in 2015, I found my way back to the brush and canvas. This is still my creative modus operandi.

Taking time in shooting photos that tell a story of the place, ensures my compositions are embedded in and flow from my photography of the landscape. By using the viewfinder as my primary canvas, I decide very early in the process if the emphasis will be on light, form, colour or the emotional connection and just where the balance lies. Even though my compositions will be quite abstract at times, I only paint places I have been, places where I have made a connection.

Sean has also been selected as the second Regional Finalist of the prestigious STUFF Art Aotearoa Gold Award for Art Excellence - announced by the national judging panel on Opening Night at The Wellington Art Show at Takina on April 19 2024. And on the same night also won The Tanea Heke Celebrity Choice Award for the excellent body of work he had on exhibition at the Show.

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