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Sophie Gardiner

I create art that focuses on positivity over adversity. In it is reflected a love of colour, texture, paint, textiles, words, fairy tales, graffiti, music, poetry, Japanese and Egyptian textiles, mythology, nature, living creatures and energies. Throughout life’s challenges my art lifts my soul and helps me focus on the good in a world that confronts us daily. My work is naturally vibrant and multi layered and takes months to create, as layers of paint, symbols and images come together to finally convey what I want to say, whilst very much enjoying the ride.

I mainly paint, though often dive into the worlds of Fibre Art, Ceramics, Jewellery and Doll Making. One of my favourite symbols is that of our native Black Robin. As an extraordinary survivor of near extinction, she reminds me daily how anything is possible. She is the anchor in life’s craziness, our point of solace, hope, love and strength, to get by no matter what, to recover and grow.

I have created my own signature character that regularly appears in my work, “Kiko”, which means “Hope” in Japanese. She is always contemplating and still, usually in abstract painterly environments, and sometimes accompanied by a Black Robin. Together they seek comfort and draw strength from each other. 

I am a qualified artist and regularly exhibit across NZ and also the UK. I have devised and taught workshops in Wellington, though now prefer to focus on my own art practice. I am honoured that my work has been purchased in other countries and I have a very strong following here in New Zealand. 

I hope you enjoy my art, Thank You

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