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Toni Kingstone

A full-time artist since 2019, I work predominantly in acrylic, metallic pigments and resin to create flowing, abstract seascapes and landscapes that capture the mystical light of dusk and dawn.

Working into the style of Magical Realism, my goal is to bring a New Zealand flavour to this art movement by presenting objects of reality within a magical context; adding detail to draw focus to the everyday but expressed within fantastical dream-like landscapes, emphasising the division between earth, sea and sky.

Sealed under art resin, the ‘liquid glass’ finish brings the reflective pigments to life, lending the illusion of sunlight sparkling on sand and water, amplifying the colours and conveying a depth to the finished work that is only revealed as light plays across the surface.

I have enjoyed success in numerous solo and group exhibitions and have taken part in the annual Raglan Arts Weekend since 2016. I exhibited at the Auckland Art Show in 2022 and the Auckland and Christchurch Art Shows in 2023.

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