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 At Art Shows Across Aotearoa we pride ourselves on being able to showcase such a diverse range of contemporary New Zealand art from hundreds of talented artists to the public.  Think thousands of artworks- large signature artworks, statement sculpture, jewellery, ceramics, object art and all types of wall hung art. We believe that showcasing such a large variety of artworks is best done with a lot of space to show them off! This is why we have carefully chosen the biggest and best backdrops to share our passion with art lovers all over Aotearoa this year. 


If you’re familiar with Christchurch’s city centre you will by now be acquainted with Te Pae Christchurch Convention and Exhibition Centre- the city’s gathering place. This is where you will be able to attend our first show of the year in March, The Christchurch Art Show (now in its eleventh year running and third time at this brand-new venue.) Te Pae itself is an architectural landmark-instantly recognizable and carefully designed with an exhibition space of 3300 square metres. A larger floor plan equals more room to move about- guests are able to comfortably browse all of  our shows with ease, and interact with artists. This also gives us the ability to showcase larger works,  the way they should be showcased- with space to show them off! With over 150 exhibiting artists, The Christchurch Art Show will be the LARGEST art event in all of Aotearoa for 2024. 

Next on the calendar, in April, we are bringing a breath of fresh air to the Capital City. Tākina, the city’s newest and biggest exhibition centre (Wellington’s equivalent to Te Pae), has been chosen as the venue for our very first art show in Wellington. We have carefully considered Tākina like Te Pae,  for its size and inner city location. Also, expertly designed Tākina boasts a popular cafe Zephyr on its ground floor. Talking space, The Wellington Art Show will be taking up Tākina’s entire second floor, coming in at our second largest show of the year. We are really looking forward to giving our artists the opportunity to exhibit their works with us at Tākina.

Following the inaugural Wellington Art Show at Tākina, we will arrive in Auckland  in July. Where we have chosen The Viaduct Events Centre as the new venue for the Auckland Art Show (this will be our third live show in Auckland). Also carefully selected like Te Pae and Tākina for its central location and capacity, with the addition of stunning harbour views. The Auckland Art Show will be twice the size of any show of it’s like in the same city! 

The scale on which we are showcasing NZ art to the public is bigger this year than it has ever been before. Whichever of our art shows you choose to explore, we can guarantee space to get the best out of your experience. We really think this should be the standard for how art is showcased everywhere. So,  from everyone here at Art Shows Across Aotearoa, we can’t wait  to welcome you through the doors, to experience the best of NZ art, at our carefully selected venues in 2024 - Go Big or Go Home! 


Check out our 2024 venues for yourself below:

Te Pae: 


 and make sure to visit again next week for more Words of Art!

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